Alcatraz Bar & Cafe

Tel: 01872 228280

Alcatraz in Perranporth, Cornwall is a one of a kind Bar & Cafe situated on the cliff side with spectacular views over Perranporth Beach.

Downstairs caters to the beach-goer with surfboard hire, buckets and spades, snacks, ice-creams and summer vibes. Meanwhile, on our upper level is our brand new bar & cafe serving a selection of alcoholic drinks and delicious food - with one of the most special views in Cornwall.

Alcatraz got it's name many years ago when it started out as a shack selling ice-creams. Staff from The Watering Hole, the nearby bar on the beach which is run and owned by the same family - would be 'banished' to work alone for a day, at the place on the cliff side. They would pretend it was a punishment - when in fact most of their days were spent sunbathing in deck chairs, rising only to sell the occasional ice-cream or jump into the surf. And so the shack became affectionately known as Alcatraz.

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